Lecture at German Bundestag


The research field of the Institute for Parliamentary Research (IParl) covers various topics of democratic representation, in parliamentary and presidential systems of government. Currently, candidate selection for the German Bundestag election 2017 is of particular importance to us. In this large-scale research project, IParl examines different facets of the recruitment of representatives or rather candidate nomination. These studies have the potential to generate a variety of new insights as this subject has not received sufficient research attention yet.

Impression of our field research


In addition, the IParl is engaged in party research. Political parties occupy a unique position within the democratic government, not only in parliaments. Therefore, we pay special attention to their development, manifestos, organization, and members. The IParl is committed to issues like the future development of member parties and provides practical policy advice based on scientific findings. After all, the parties face increasing societal and political challenges, although criticizing them is not a new phenomenon at all.

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IParl is not associated with any political party, interest group or other stakeholders. We select our research focus independently and are thus able to look into issues that lie beyond the daily political coverage. IParl aims at enhanced cooperation and exchange with colleagues from other research and education institutions. Making a sustained effort to communicate research findings to the public and to contribute to projects on political education for young people and adults are also important parts of IParl’s vision.