Who is the ideal candidate?

by OK

Malte Cordes und Daniel Hellmann: Wer ist der ideale Kandidat? Auswahlkriterien bei der Kandidatenaufstellung zum Deutschen Bundestag, in: Zeitschrift für Parlamentsfragen (ZParl), Vol. 51 (2020), Issue 1, pp. 68-83. (DOI: 10.5771/0340-1758-2020-1-68)

Before an election takes place, the party members select their parliamentary candidates. Their nomination decisions depend on their vision of an ideal candidate. Based on the IParl survey of party members participating in the candidate selection for the 2017 German Bundestag elections we are able to investigate these preferences. As we see, there is neither a common ideal among all participants nor are there any distinctly different groups. Differentiating between district and state level these variations are less distinct than between the different parties. We could also show that competitors seem to perceive demands from their electors at least partially different. Presumably those aspirants who are better at anticipating their electors’ complex preferences might have better chances in the intraparty nomination process.

The article is published in: ZParl, Vol. 51 (2020), Issue 1, pp. 68-83.


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