Parties in Saxony-Anhalt

by OK

Benjamin Höhne and Anastasia Pyschny: Parteien in Sachsen-Anhalt: programmatische Schwerpunkte, Mitgliederentwicklung, organisatorischer Aufbau und interne Willensbildung, in: Roger Stöcker und Maik Reichel (eds.): Sachsen-Anhalt - eine politische Landeskunde, Halle/Saale 2019, pp. 169-187.

In their contribution, Benjamin Höhne and Anastasia Pyschny provide an insight into the programmatic work and organizational structure of the most important parties in Saxony-Anhalt. In light of declining membership numbers and increasing party disenchantment, the parties in Saxony-Anhalt face the major problem of personnel regeneration. The aim will be to establish new concepts of party work that can also be adapted by other East and West German party associations.

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