Parliamentary leaders as seen by MPs

Danny Schindler examines the ascriptive power of the chairpersons of party groups in German Bundestag. Therefore he investigates the power relations within the Bundestag by drawing on MPs’ own assessments of the chairmanship’s strength.

The article is published in: ZParl, Vol. 49 (2018), Issue 4, pp. 767 – 777.

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Participation prevents (not always) disenchantment with politics

Benjamin Höhne analyzes the interrelations of political participation and political support, in terms of trust in democracy and parliamentary satisfaction, based on a survey of active party members. It is the first publication from the IParl-Project on candidate selection.

The article is published in: ZParl, Vol. 49 (2018), Issue 4, pp. 919 – 932.

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Germany and the World 2030

Suzanne S. Schüttemeyer recently contributed of the anthology "Deutschland und die Welt 2030" (“Germany and the World 2030”), in which international experts venture a glimpse into upcoming political and social challenges. Her article deals with the future of parliamentary democracy in general and formulates concrete recommendations for Members of Parliament in particular.

You can read the full text here: Deutschland und die Welt 2030.

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Political Representation in France and Germany

In the recently published volume “Political Representation in France and Germany“ various authors investigate the process and quality of political representation in both countries. Suzanne S. Schüttemeyer has co-edited the book.

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Member Parties - Decline without End?

Elmar Wiesendahl, Benjamin Höhne and Malte Cordes analyze the extent to which the disappearance or normalization of the parties in Germany can be expected.

The article is published in: ZParl, Vol. 49 (2018), Issue 2, S. 304 – 324.

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