Previous Events


The political system of Germany: Parliamentarism and federalism 

Lecture by Dr. Franziska Carstensen at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Thailand, Berlin


Delegation from Albania at IParl 

Visit of a delegation from Albania at the IParl, Berlin.


Parliaments in De Facto States – Merely a rubberstamp or engine of conflict resolution? 

Lecture by Oliver Kannenberg at the Annual Conference of the Croatian Political Science Organisation, Zagreb.


District Work of German MPs during COVID-19 

Presentation of the Master's thesis by Kevin W. Settles in the context of the IParl Research Colloquium.


On the outskirts of the French Parliament: The Delegation for Women’s Rights 

Presentation of the dissertation by Dr Claire Bloquet at the IParl Research Colloquium, Berlin.

Always the same old faces? – Candidate turnover and the recruitment power of German state level parties 

Paper presentation by Daniel Hellmann and Dr. Danny Schindler at the Annual Conference of the AK Parteienforschung (Working Group on Party Research) on the topic 'Parties and Party Systems in the German Länder' of the German Political Science Association (DVPW), Trier.

Das reformierte Fragerecht im Berliner Abgeordnetenhaus: Folgen einer Individualisierung parlamentarischen Fragens 

Paper presentation by Dr Franziska Carstensen at the Annual Conference of the DVPW thematic group "Comparative Parliamentarism Research" on the topic "Parliaments in Challenging Times", Bremen.


Lost in Transition: The Case of the German Left Party 

Paper presentation by Oliver Kannenberg within the 16th Annual Conference of the Serbian Political Science Association ("Social Justice in Post-Communist Societies"), Belgrade, Serbia.

New Challenges to German Politics and Policy 

Forty-Sixth Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, sponsored by the American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) and the IParl, Houston, Texas. (Call for Papers)


Joint speech: European Political Party System and Political Pluralism: Enhancing the Diversity of Voices and Interests 

Presentation by Dr Franziska Carstensen and Daniel Hellmann on "European Political Party System and Political Pluralism: Enhancing the Diversity of Voices and Interests", followed by a discussion with participants in Thailand and other ASEAN countries. The event "Supranational Party System of the European Union in Challenging Contexts" is organized and hosted by the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, the King Prajadhipok's Institute and the Institute of Democratization Studies, online meeting.