Previous Events


Indicators for democratic parliaments 

Participation of Dr. Danny Schindler at the "Launch of the preliminary Indicators for democratic parliaments" of the Interparliamentary Union (IPU), online-meeting.


Parliamentary Democracy in Germany 

Lecture by Dr. Danny Schindler at the Friedrich Naumann Foundation Thailand, online via Zoom.


Germany’s Election 2021 - Political Wrap Up 

Impulse and discussion attendance by Jan Menzer, "The Germany Close Up Fellowship. An Open Program for Students and Young Professionals", moderated by Dr. Kaleen Gallagher, Berlin


Introduction to Parliamentarism and Federalism in Germany – Changes and Challenges 

Lecture by Dr. Danny Schindler within the “International Programme for participants from Pakistan” organised by the Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung, online


Realities and Legacies after 30 years of German Reunification 

Participation of Dr. Benjamin Höhne at the panel discussion within the project "rEUnify" of the Institute for European Politics, hybrid event, Berlin


Supporting Diversity on Party Lists: Attitudes of Party Gatekeepers in (Dis)-enhancing Immigrants’ Representation 

Presentation by Dr. Benjamin Höhne, Aimie Boujou and Dario Landwehr at the annual conference "Partizipations- und Repräsentationsdefizite der politischen Parteien" of the AK Parteienforschung, Jena / Hybrid


Diversity in candidate selection to the Bundestag 

Presentation by Dr Benjamin Höhne and Anastasia Pyschny as part of the election trip 2021 by the International Association for the Study of German Politics, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Hessische Straße 1, Emil Fischer Lecture Hall


Elite domination or participatory democracy? Comparing the rules of the game within parliamentary party groups 

Presentation by Dr. Danny Schindler and Oliver Kannenberg at the 7th international interdisciplinary conference of political research: Science of Politics (SCOPE) at the University Bucharest, Online


Mehr Briefwahl = Mehr Probleme? Wählen per Brief als Thema in Wahleinsprüchen 

Paper Presentation by Daniel Hellmann within the panel "Mehr denn je: Wir haben die Briefwahl!" at the 28th Congress of the Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft (DVPW), Online


Landesparlamentarismus während der CoViD-19-Pandemie 

Paper Presentation by Dr. Benjamin Höhne within the panel "Die demokratische Gesundheit in der Corona-Pandemie I. Die Corona-Pandemie als Auslöser oder Verstärker für demokratische Erosion?" at the 28th Congress of the Deutsche Vereinigung für Politikwissenschaft (DVPW), Online